The Big Day!

So after months and months of preparation it finally came… and went by so fast!  The day was perfect and everyone seemed to appreciate all my hard work put into the wedding.

These were just large mason jars that I had picked up for a quarter a piece at the thrift store.  I hot glued blue ribbon around the rim and a loop of blue ribbon to hang one from every aisle chair for the ceremony.  The night before the wedding I stopped and picked up a bunch of wild flowers to put a few in each of the jars.  

This was my favorite idea, and although it was a little pricey, I’m so glad that I was able to do it for the wedding.  I ordered custom orange cream Jones Soda bottles from their website with a picture of me and Ben and a little thank you note about coming to the wedding.  The orange and blue card that is tied around the top of the bottle with twine is a place card with the guests name and table number… there is one bottle per family so some bottles may have 2 or 3 place cards.  I was really hoping to get these chilled before the wedding… I thought it would be so nice for our guests to enjoy a refreshing drink while waiting for us to get our pictures taken… but I guess they were just too cool to drink because almost every guest wanted to save it.

Here is what it looked like under the tent… I love love love the aqua linens with the white chair.  The tent was also covered in twinkle lights so it looked really pretty when the sun went down.  

For centerpieces, I picked up these little jewelry stands at Marshalls for only $3.00 a piece.  I spray painted them all white and then made the table number at the top with my Cricut.  Each table has pictures of me and Ben at that age scrapbooked right onto the stand.  So here is table 5, with pictures of us at 5 years old.  It was a great way to get people up and moving around so that they could see the pictures at every table.  The jars were for the candy buffet, and the little notecard is instructions for the jars, telling them to visit the candy buffet on their way out and one jar per family (worded a little nicer of course)

Here is the candy buffet… it was gorgeous!  I had 6 different big apacathary jars filled with blue candies, and they each had little heart scoops in the top.  I wish I had a picture from the front because it looked so stinking cute…. but you get the idea.   

The cake was simple and elegant… and it tasted amazing.  We actually ended up with the entire bottom tier to take home that night, as well as the top for our 1 year.

My beautiful bridesmaids: Ashley, Veronica, Brittany, and Monica.  We made our own bouquets the night before the wedding.  We went to 4 different Safeway stores and bought out all of their orange tulips and a few randoms for my bouquet then sat down and arranged them.  I actually can’t take too much credit for this… turns out that floral arranging is not really my department.   

These were the gifts for my bridesmaids.  They are locket necklaces that have a charm inside with their initial and their husbands initial.  We tied them around the bouquets for the ceremony, then at the reception the girls wore them.  

And here we are!  Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Still sane and still in love after all the crazy wedding planning.

… and we lived happily ever after


About littlestbumblebee

My name is Michelle Lapka and I am 23 years old. I am a kindergarten teacher in the PUSD and I LOVE my job! I live in my brand new house in Surprise with the cutest puppy in the world, Pooch. I am engaged to a wonderful man and I can't wait for our wedding in May! I love to read, stay active and outdoorsy with my man, and above all just be crafty! I hope that reading my blog will inspire you to be crafty too. :D
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