Jude’s Quilt

I finished up the last of Jude’s quilt this morning and barely had time to wash and dry it before I was packing up to head to the baby shower.  Here is the final product

Here it is all wrapped up.  I put it with a couple items off the registry and my favorite children’s book You Are Special by Max Lucado in this cute little basket, then I used the scraps from the quilt to make a basket liner.  In the end I was very proud of my quilt… I worked really hard on it and I could tell that Missy really appreciated it!  Not too bad for my first… well I guess technically if you count the 1/2 finished trashy quilt then this would be my second.  Can’t wait to see baby Jude all wrapped up in his quilt.  🙂


About littlestbumblebee

My name is Michelle Lapka and I am 23 years old. I am a kindergarten teacher in the PUSD and I LOVE my job! I live in my brand new house in Surprise with the cutest puppy in the world, Pooch. I am engaged to a wonderful man and I can't wait for our wedding in May! I love to read, stay active and outdoorsy with my man, and above all just be crafty! I hope that reading my blog will inspire you to be crafty too. :D
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2 Responses to Jude’s Quilt

  1. that looks AWESOME! you are so talented, i’m jealous 🙂 also: i like the name jude. lol.

    also also: your wedding is coming up! WOOO!

  2. Missy says:

    How cute!! I love it… I’m so lucky to have a crafty friend like you. Jude’s pretty excited about it too 🙂

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