I went through several wedding magazines and online galleries of wedding invitations and I couldn’t really find anything that blew me away.  I know that it is a big important day… but I’m really just not into the whole fancy nancy wedding stuff.  The wedding is going to be outside and summery and cute and I wanted something that was a little more casual and fun.  I decided to make them myself, which was a lot of work, but now that I’m finished I can honestly say that I am happy I did.  I felt really accomplished dropping all 94 of them in the mailbox today 🙂

First I cut all the cardstock and fabric down into big piles.

Next I sewed the fabric to the back and the white invitation to the front of the orange cardstock.

After all those were done I went back and cut out random flowers from the leftover fabric, and sewed them to the top of the invitations.  Each one has a different flower and a little bit of a different style to it.

Next I did the maps.  Just cut down the map, orange & blue cardstock all to the correct sizes, then glued and sewed a little accent onto each of them.  

Then came the RSVP cards.  Same as the maps but I had to trim them pretty small so that they met the US postal service standards for postcards.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any cute postcard stamps to go with, so I went with the polar bear.  After that I put them all together with a band made of orange cardstock.  Some of the invitations got a big S (for Smith) on top of the orange band where it comes together…  it was really cute and I wish I would have taken the time to do it on all of them, but my cricut mat was acting up so only a few people got it.

Next came the envelopes.  Got a cute wedding bell stamp which I did in orange and an aqua fine point marker to write addresses.  To bring the whole thing together I found these cute king and queen love stamps.  So there you have it…

100 blue & 100 orange cardstock= 42.00

fabric- 5 yards= $5.00

thread= $6.00

post card stamps (for RSVP cards)= $15.00

100 envelopes= $9.99

stamps= $88.00

Total cost=   $166.00  for 100 invitations


About littlestbumblebee

My name is Michelle Lapka and I am 23 years old. I am a kindergarten teacher in the PUSD and I LOVE my job! I live in my brand new house in Surprise with the cutest puppy in the world, Pooch. I am engaged to a wonderful man and I can't wait for our wedding in May! I love to read, stay active and outdoorsy with my man, and above all just be crafty! I hope that reading my blog will inspire you to be crafty too. :D
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One Response to Invitations

  1. bsmith835 says:

    It was really nice of your fiance to help out too…

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