The Ugly Pink Desk…

It all started about a month ago when our friend Travis had asked Ben for his email address, to send him an Evite to the upcoming baby shower for he and his wife.  Ben, assuming that Travis was just going to send him some silly joke or something, gave Travis his junk email address, that he rarely, if ever, checks.  Fast forward about 3 weeks when Ben picks me up for church and we decide we are going to “take it easy” and have a nice quiet afternoon to… come straight home after church and maybe work on some things around the house.  I had picked up a new book from the library that was anxious to get into and we had just received our latest Netflix movie.  We get to church and sit down next to our friends Austin and Missy and the conversation goes a little something like this:

Missy: so are you guys going today?

Me:  going where?

Missy: to the shower

Me:  what shower?

Missy:   …..

Me:  ……

Missy:  Travis and Victoria’s shower is today… they sent out an e-vite a few weeks ago

Me: ….

Ben:   Uh oh

Of course I love Travis and Victoria and was excited to be going to the shower, but it was a little bit disturbing that my quiet my little Sunday had quickly vanished.  We got home from church with just enough time to change our clothes and then headed over to the shower.  At this point I was in a bit of a tizzy, you might say.  But as I stared out the window upon entering the gated community… something fabulous caught my eye.

Ben drove right passed it at first, and I asked demanded that he put it in reverse.  I immediately wanted it and had big plans for it, and when I saw the note with my favorite 4 letter word FREE taped to the top, I knew it would be in my craft room someday soon.  Ben did not share my excitement.   In fact, he looked pretty annoyed…. but he was a good boy and loaded it up in the truck anyway. 🙂  After giving it a good scrub down with some Ajax, sanding it, priming it, and painting it, I added some new handles and knocked out 2 of the drawers to make a spot for my printer… and here she is.


About littlestbumblebee

My name is Michelle Lapka and I am 23 years old. I am a kindergarten teacher in the PUSD and I LOVE my job! I live in my brand new house in Surprise with the cutest puppy in the world, Pooch. I am engaged to a wonderful man and I can't wait for our wedding in May! I love to read, stay active and outdoorsy with my man, and above all just be crafty! I hope that reading my blog will inspire you to be crafty too. :D
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5 Responses to The Ugly Pink Desk…

  1. Kara says:

    LOVE IT! Great job! and yes, ben…you are a very good boy! 🙂

  2. Mama K says:

    I would say you are getting him trained quite well.

  3. you amaaaaze me! i looove all your crafts and revamps! i was just trying to find your blog again today… now i will be notified via email! 🙂

  4. Aunt Joanne says:

    WOW!!! I love anything painted black and this looks great!! xo

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