Just a little Saturday Crafternoon delight….

So today was the first official meeting of the Pink Apron Sisters Craft Club!  Every other Saturday one of us will decide on craft and send out the supply list, then everyone shows up with all the supplies and whoever chose the craft introduces it and we all sit around and make it.  Today Ashley was the craft leader and the craft was a Valentines heart tree.


a pot- got mine at Salvation Army for $1.20

small wooden hearts- Joannes for $3.00

a stick- free Vistancia Elementary

wire- $3.00 (split 3 ways)

moss- $1.00 (split 3 ways)

spray paint- already owned

craft paint- already owned

joint compound- already owned

Here is a picture of the pot before the makeover.

Friday at school we all filled our pots with the joint compound and put our sticks in where we wanted… we also tied ribbon to the stick and to the side of the box to make sure it stayed and dried exactly the way we wanted it to.  Saturday morning the girls came over to my house and we got busy.

After going back and forth between coats of spray paint on the pot, and coats of craft paint on the wooden hearts… we were ready to start with the wire.  We cut off about 7 inch strips of the craft wire and tied them randomly around the stick… it looked cuter if we twisted it around our finger and made it “springy”, so most of mine are twisty.  Next we hot glued the hearts to the ends of each wire, hot glued some moss to the bottom… and VIOLA! An adorable Valentines tree for the price of about $5.00…. not too shabby!


About littlestbumblebee

My name is Michelle Lapka and I am 23 years old. I am a kindergarten teacher in the PUSD and I LOVE my job! I live in my brand new house in Surprise with the cutest puppy in the world, Pooch. I am engaged to a wonderful man and I can't wait for our wedding in May! I love to read, stay active and outdoorsy with my man, and above all just be crafty! I hope that reading my blog will inspire you to be crafty too. :D
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3 Responses to Just a little Saturday Crafternoon delight….

  1. Treasia says:

    That is sooo cute. I love how they turned out. Great idea.

  2. Stephanie says:

    so fun! invite me next time you have a ladies crafternoon!

  3. denisemarie says:

    really sweet. Now, I feel I should figure out a heart tree for the Valentine’s shower I’m helping with next Saturday.

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